Language social networking

What is social networking for languages about? It is a community of people who are interested in languages.

What can language social do for me? You can learn a foreign language by exchanging language information and socializing with people who have an interest in your target language or the language you know, including English.

Also you can meet people from around the world. You never know where this can lead.

How do I start? Sign up in under 5 seconds. From there you can broswe profiles of other members interested in languages. You can create a group that is your target language and start writing people. Write anything about your language or culture or travel or what you would like in your life. The main thing is write people. If you you want to someday visit Paris write your reasons why.

How does this community work? Connect with people anyway you like. You can have your own profile page, e-mail members, chat, post etc. Basically log-in, create a profile and avatar and start. If you know English start an English learning blog. If you know Spanish even at a basic level start blogging. What do learn Chinese? Just get started. I believe that by teach you learn.

What if there are not enough members now? Do not worry, people will join as langugae social networking what communication is about. If you teach, be my guest to offer your services on your blog.

Is this language site free? Yes. Just get started. It is a foreign language social networking site and it is free and easy to use.